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What Do You Do?

What do you do when your heart dries out? When there’s no blood left to shed? When the beauty of bodies float away like dust? When all you can feel is despair? So many days and nights have my heart … Continue reading

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“You Give Me the Sweetest Taboo. That’s Why I’m in Love with You.” -Sade

‘Love Overflowing’ Love overflowing. Love everlasting. A love embedded deep within my heart and soul. Love in abundance to give. A beautiful love that is all mine. A love that will remain throughout time. Through the ups and downs. Through … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday, April 4, 2015, and it is my 43rd birthday. I have to stop and be grateful for my life, and reflect on how far I’ve come. I never write anything of this nature on my site, but I … Continue reading

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I Love You Like Tomorrow

‘I Love You Like Tomorrow’ I love you like tomorrow, Which is the hope that a new day will bring. Like the uprising of new Earth in the spring, My eyes can see the promise that you’ll bring. At a … Continue reading

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‘What is this Feeling?’

‘What is this Feeling?’ What is this? What is this feeling That is unknown? This feeling. This yearning. This fire From deep within. A feeling not born of rage. But of enlightenment. This joyful birth. This happiness unlimited That has … Continue reading

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Expressing Gratitude

Friday, December 23, 2011 Dear Creative Souls, I realize that I don’t post something new everyday, or even every week. But I want to say, “Thank you” to everyone who has taken time out to visit my site, subscribe, like … Continue reading

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Could it Be

On Freedom: “No price is too high to pay for the priviledge of owning yourself.” – Nietzsche ‘Could it Be’ Could it be that I know heaven? Embraced in your strong hold, Thoughts of a world unknown Of a feeling … Continue reading

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