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Having been born and raised in Inglewood, CA, I now proudly call New York City my home. I've been an elementary school teacher a little over 20 years, having taught grades first through fifth. It seems that teaching is what I was meant to do in life, and it is also what I love to do. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Camus: "Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present." I do give my all to prepare my students to become our future activists, educators, doctors, and the list goes on. The opportunities are out there, and I want my students to grab hold of them.      One of my other passions is writing. I thank my middle school English teacher, Mr. Roger Lawson, for introducing me to poetry writing. He taught me how to use the very powerful tool of written expression, which I value so much. I have writing to thank for getting me through my darkest moments. Writing, along with faith, was my saving grace, while growing up. I don't consider myself a professional writer, but I do use writing as a tool to help me process the heavy weight that the world places on my shoulders sometimes. Writing provides me with another way to express my emotions. Besides my actual voice, writing is my favorite go to tool of self expression.      What else about me? I have a love of music. One of my very first posts on this site was a poem that I wrote about my love of music. I'm someone who has an adventurous spirit. I enjoy everything ranging from sports to shopping (I collect sneakers). I can go from spending time at the beach all day to watching sports all day. I've been a WWE fan since I was a kid. I may live in New York, but I will always be a Dodgers fan. Having been an athlete until I graduated from college ( I ran track), working out is a must for me. I love to read, I love to learn, I love people, and I love life. I have many more interests. There's several layers of me. At the end of the day, I love and I am proud of the person that I see in the mirror.

Searching By Roy Ayers

In honor of Roy Ayers performing at The Blue Note jazz club on April 10th-11th in New York City, I’m sharing one of my favorite songs by Roy Ayers: ‘Searching.’ I’m excited to watch him perform live. © 2018 … Continue reading

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I Thank God I Learned To Dance So Well In The Rain

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene And dance I did. As my 46th bornday approaches on April 4th, I’ve been reflecting on my life’s journey. I’ve … Continue reading

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Love Believes In Me

When darkness burries the sun, And the world is heavy upon soft shoulders, Heavy is the load that is carried, And despair is the emotion that is felt. One can become blinded by the unknown, And stricken down by fear. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

May the new year bring endless possibilities, positive change for the better, hope, and love for all. © 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Don’t know Time’s timeline. Don’t know where Time hides. And Mercy is nowhere. Out of sight, out of mind. Death’s touch is not selective. Hearts break and bleed, Without restoration. What’s the point, When Heartache becomes the norm? © 2017  … Continue reading

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Never Imagined I’d See Yesterday Through Tomorrow’s Eyes

Never imagined I’d see yesterday through tomorrow’s eyes. Hope now blinded once again by the truth, Of an uncertainty in life that is all too real. Living in a world full of broken hearts, promises, and paths. Where is my … Continue reading

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Memories: Wash It All Away And Believe

The following post was originally published on February 25, 2011, based on a poem that I wrote on June 30, 2009. It serves as a reminder for me, from time to time. Today is Friday, February 25, 2011 at 5:00 … Continue reading

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Going Insane When The World Is Too Much

Social media and going live on it gives some people the nerve to cowardly disregard the value of life. I’m sick to my stomach at the fact that someone’s murder is something that’s just tossed around on social media without … Continue reading

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John Coltrane and Austin Peralta: ‘Naima’

Enjoy… John Coltrane: ‘Naima’ Video Posted To You Tube By Music Legends Book On April 26, 2016   Austin Peralta: ‘Naima’ Video Posted To You Tube By bernarddasmoove81 On February 6, 2014 Copyright © 2017  All Rights Reserved    

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‘Haiku And Happiness’

‘Haiku And Happiness’   Upon daylight’s end, Enter night’s heavenly shade. Bliss be upon me.   I’ve always been mesmerized by the beauty of the night. It’s beautiful, dark hue, with stars that I can wish upon. Heaven’s eyes that … Continue reading

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