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Having been born and raised in Inglewood, CA, I now proudly call New York City my home. I've been an elementary school teacher a little over 20 years, having taught grades first through fifth. It seems that teaching is what I was meant to do in life, and it is also what I love to do. One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Camus: "Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present." I do give my all to prepare my students to become our future activists, educators, doctors, and the list goes on. The opportunities are out there, and I want my students to grab hold of them.      One of my other passions is writing. I thank my middle school English teacher, Mr. Roger Lawson, for introducing me to poetry writing. He taught me how to use the very powerful tool of written expression, which I value so much. I have writing to thank for getting me through my darkest moments. Writing, along with faith, was my saving grace, while growing up. I don't consider myself a professional writer, but I do use writing as a tool to help me process the heavy weight that the world places on my shoulders sometimes. Writing provides me with another way to express my emotions. Besides my actual voice, writing is my favorite go to tool of self expression.      What else about me? I have a love of music. One of my very first posts on this site was a poem that I wrote about my love of music. I'm someone who has an adventurous spirit. I enjoy everything ranging from sports to shopping (I collect sneakers). I can go from spending time at the beach all day to watching sports all day. I've been a WWE fan since I was a kid. I may live in New York, but I will always be a Dodgers fan. Having been an athlete until I graduated from college ( I ran track), working out is a must for me. I love to read, I love to learn, I love people, and I love life. I have many more interests. There's several layers of me. At the end of the day, I love and I am proud of the person that I see in the mirror.

To the Sun and Back

49 trips around the sun to bask in the light and glow.Grateful for every twist and turn,For every up and down,For every yes and noThat made me who I am. 49 trips around the sunTo reflect on life’s victoriesThat I … Continue reading

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Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes

Expansions: One of my favorite albums by Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes   Track Listing: Expansions Desert Nights Summer Days Voodoo Woman Peace Shadows My Love   Musicians: Piano, Electric Piano, Electronic Keyboard Textures: Lonnie Liston Smith Bongos, … Continue reading

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Inner Reflections Shine Through

When I started this site years ago, I was grappling with heavy emotions of trying to co-exist within dysfunction and love unknown. The more I posted, the more I realized things about myself, such as what I want and what … Continue reading

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One way? There’s always another way. © 2020  All Rights Reserved

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Heartbeat is fading. Almost non existent As my soul is nearly depleted. No expectations of humanity, And devoid of all care. What to do in a world of uncertainty? What to do when the love is gone? Feels like I’m … Continue reading

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Sights And Sounds

Beautiful Sights And Beautiful Sounds   Spirit is the 7th studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire (September 1976, Columbia Records) YouTube Post From Earth, Wind & Fire’s Vevo © 2020  All Rights Reserved  

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Numb from the hurt and pain. Numb from the target on my head. Wondering what enemies want to gain? Shameful to think, “What if I’m next?” Racism is to blame For me wondering, if soon,  people will say my name? … Continue reading

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The Sky’s The Limit

I want to live like I’ve never lived. No wasted moments. No suspension of time. I want to soar freely to higher heights, And from the clouds I’ll emerge, As I greet the sun on my way to heaven. With … Continue reading

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May You Be Immersed In Love Today

Fly to a higher height That extends beyond the moon. Travel beyond space and time, To live amongst the stars. A feeling within the heart and soul, That only sunrays can expose. Upon a morning smile, Love’s aurra reigns supreme. … Continue reading

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That Little Girl

Made with a shattered heart that could renew itself, Upon dried tears and a wish. Upon possibilities of what could be. Through the eyes of a child, Visions danced of a soul being free. That little girl from long ago, … Continue reading

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