The Dream Catchers, Part 2

‘The Dream Catchers, Part 2’

What is this gnawing at my core?
My soul feels different.
I can live again.
Smile again,
As I become one with the sun.

What is this feeling?
Seems like we’ve met before.
So familiar it is.
I can hardly contain it,
As it’s taken control of me.

I reached out my hand to you,
And you took me away
On a magical journey towards
Love and The Light.
I can see them now and feel them within.

What ever happened to the one gazing at a dream?
Realized that the gnawing at her core is Happiness,
And that it comes from within.
I can feel it in my soul,
And I let it illuminate my being.

Happiness escaped me for far too long,
But it’s come back to me.
And wherever it goes I shall follow,
Because I’m in love with it now.
I’ll never let it go.

Whatever happened to The One who gazed at a dream?
The One now makes dreams come true.
This journey has ended,
And the story has come to a close.
As Love and The Light controls my soul.

Video Uploaded to You Tube by BD COXII on November 2, 2010

Copyright © 2012   All Rights Reserved

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