Down 125th Street

‘Down 125th Street’

Heading down 125th Street,

I walked with my head held high.

Smiled as the rhythm filled my ears

With the infectuous beat of life.

Didn’t ease my way past the crowd on the street.

I wanted to be absorbed by my people,

My Kings and Queens of the present, and those to be.

I soaked up the light of their smiles,

And it made me feel good inside.

The streets that legends walked on,

Were right underneath my two feet.

Sidewalk hustle was the day’s delight.

Hues of black and brown seen well into the night,

Because the streets never sleep.

The love never stops.

My mind’s wealthy with the history that it knows.

Tears of joy overwhelmed me

As I was heading down 125th Street.


Copyright © 2011  All Rights Reserved

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