The Shining Sun

“To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature.” – Auguste Rodin, French Scuptor

Photo Credit: Samara Marie Douglas

The Shining Sun

Your golden hue beams upon me,

While your warmth ignites my soul.

You make me smile,

While I bask in your delight.

I revel in your glory,

And let the wind carry me into the night.

I see you in your heavenly shade,

And embrace you with my open arms.

Upon nightfall, I miss you so,

But marvel at diamonds that bear their light.

So beautiful they make the night sky,

As their light beams upon smooth waves.

But no one will ever take the place of you,

As your beauty is first seen upon eyes awakened in the morn.

Video Posted To You Tube By 1mistaGroove On June 22, 2011

 Copyright © 2011   All Rights Reserved


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