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‘Paradise’ Having  the  time  to  reflect  on  self, I’ve  come  to  realize  that  what  I  seek  is  within  me. I’ve  wallowed  in  self  doubt,  and  in  the  process I’ve  put  creative  dreams  on  hold. Always  making  excuses  for  what  I  … Continue reading

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The Shining Sun

“To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature.” – Auguste Rodin, French Scuptor Photo Credit: Samara Marie Douglas The Shining Sun Your golden hue beams upon me, While your warmth ignites my soul. You make me smile, While … Continue reading

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‘Changes’  Leaves fall and change their shades. Beautiful new hues emerge. Rainfall washes the Earth, And reveals a fresh outlook. When flowers bloom Life is renewed once again. The sun shining upon us gives off such intensity, That we feel … Continue reading

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