I Introduce To You, Music

     It’s amazing how one can get lost in a song. Listening to good music can wash away all of the day’s disappointments. One song after the next, and a frown becomes a smile. Some people indulge in drugs to escape reality. Some people indulge in food, while others indulge in chocolate. I indulge in music. Whether it’s to forget about an angering moment or an entire day, or simply to relax, I can always depend on Music to be where I am to bring me comfort. I wrote the poem, ‘There’s Magic in the Music’ 3 years ago as my ode to one of my favorite pleasures in life. I introduce to you, Music.

‘There’s Magic in the Music’

Music is the love I’ve always known.

His magical touch soothes me

And caresses my soul like no other.

A human touch he has.

He watches over me,

And ignites  my emotions.

Music knows me.

He  knows all of my ups and downs.

He  lifts me up when I fall down.

Shines his light upon me when my world is gray.

Makes my smile brighter than the sun.

There’s magic in Music.

I see his notes.

I feel his rhythm.

I believe his message.

I live his life, as we are one.

A love so reciprocal, it’s surreal.

My love for you, Music,

Is like no other love.

Insatiable you are to me.

My love for you, Music, I’ll forever confess.

Copyright  © 2011 samaramarie.com  All Rights Reserved

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