Inner Reflections Shine Through

When I started this site years ago, I was grappling with heavy emotions of trying to co-exist within dysfunction and love unknown. The more I posted, the more I realized things about myself, such as what I want and what I deserve. I found the courage to write about personal things that I previously kept to myself. The more I posted, the better I felt and through everything that I went through, I found the courage to finally do what was best for me. With an earlier post, I wrote of being able to dance through the rain…being able to acknowledge pain from the past, forgive, move forward, and be happy There were twists and turns, and a wounded heart along the way of my journey. It wasn’t easy, but I found my silver lining…happiness. Someone shared an Audre Lorde quote with me, that made me think about my journey…my life.  

“I have a duty to speak the truth as I see it and share not just the things that felt good, but the pain. The intense, often unmitigated pain. It is important to share how I know survival is survival and not just a walk through the rain.” -Audre Lorde

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One way? There’s always another way.

Photo Credit: Samara Marie Douglas, NYC, 2020

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Heartbeat is fading.

Almost non existent

As my soul is nearly depleted.

No expectations of humanity,

And devoid of all care.

What to do in a world of uncertainty?

What to do when the love is gone?

Feels like I’m drowning,

And I can’t come up for air.

My feelings are my own.

No longer buried deep inside.

Bitterness has festered,

Anger has taken over.

I feel numb.

Will my heartbeat live again?

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Will I ever believe in Hope again?

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Sights And Sounds

Beautiful Sights And Beautiful Sounds

Photo Credit: Samara Marie Douglas. NYC, Central Park. June 2020.


Spirit is the 7th studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire (September 1976, Columbia Records)

YouTube Post From Earth, Wind & Fire’s Vevo

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Numb from the hurt and pain.

Numb from the target on my head.

Wondering what enemies want to gain?

Shameful to think, “What if I’m next?”

Racism is to blame

For me wondering, if soon,  people will say my name?

But onward I MUST and WILL go.

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The Sky’s The Limit

I want to live like I’ve never lived.

No wasted moments.

No suspension of time.

I want to soar freely to higher heights,

And from the clouds I’ll emerge,

As I greet the sun on my way to heaven.

With a renewed heart, I feel love,

To be able to move with no fears, as I’ve left them behind.

Guided by a power like no other,

I can fly far beyond the moon.

The sky’s the limit.

And I’ll just keep going as if the sky is all mine.

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May You Be Immersed In Love Today

Fly to a higher height

That extends beyond the moon.

Travel beyond space and time,

To live amongst the stars.

A feeling within the heart and soul,

That only sunrays can expose.

Upon a morning smile,

Love’s aurra reigns supreme.


An ever flowing sea for one to drown in eternally.


A friend of a higher power

That wraps it’s arms around you with an embrace of the day’s delight.


When you have it,

Hold it tight.

Cherish what is yours,

Which is the Love bestowed upon you.

Revel in tears of joy,

And remember the feeling.

May you be immersed in Love today.

And may Love forever in your heart remain.

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That Little Girl

Made with a shattered heart that could renew itself,
Upon dried tears and a wish.
Upon possibilities of what could be.
Through the eyes of a child,
Visions danced of a soul being free.
That little girl from long ago,
Longing to be loved and free,
Grew up with a heart with everlasting love.
That little girl is me.
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Space And Time

A beautiful being
And a kindred spirit.
Destined to be amongst the stars.
Creative energy flows
And positive vibrations,
Makes the celestial body of work that you are.
Made of scorpions and fire.
Astrology divine.
More than a sign, dispersed amongst space and time.
Happy birthday, to you.
It’s your time to shine.
It’s your light.
It’s your reason.
It’s your rhyme.
©2018 All Rights Reserved

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When Love Is Boundless

When love is boundless,

It’s ever flowing.

Filling up a heart devoid.

Shining its light through the window to the soul.

A savior for a shattered heart.

A saving grace for a love story untold.

Love’s joy.

It’s like a little bit of heaven in your hands.

To feel its warmth and glory

Is like nothing else.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

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