What Do You Do?

What do you do when your heart dries out?

When there’s no blood left to shed?

When the beauty of bodies float away like dust?

When all you can feel is despair?

So many days and nights have my heart cried out,

To hollow ears who hear me not.

Hollow ears don’t hear my screams in the night.

Hollow ears know not my soul’s twists and turns.

And blind eyes don’t see my bloodshed,

When murderous hands perform the devil’s deeds.

So, what do you do when your heart cries out?

When there’s no one who seems to care?

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The Crusaders: A Message From The Inner City

One of my favorites! The Crusaders: A Message From The Inner City

Album: The 2nd Crusade

Released: 1973

Musicians: Joe Sample (Piano), Stix Hooper (Drums), Wilton Felder (Saxophone), Wayne Henderson (Trombone)



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The Barbershop: A Cultural Mainstay


More Than A Shave And A Haircut

First-time filmmaker is getting “The Perfect Blend” at African American barbershops


July 22, 2016

4:00 PM


The link provided above is from a published article by Harry Kollatz, Jr. for Richmond Magazine. This feature story is about a documentary that is in its beginning stages regarding the culture of African American barbershops, by Raymond Patton and Derek Wright. As of now, the title for the documentary is “The Perfect Blend.” Best wishes to them both, as they embark upon a cross-country journey to explore the barbershop culture, and it’s impact on the communities that it services. All information from the Richmond Magazine article and its photos belong to Harry Kollatz, Jr. and Jay Paul.



Filmmaker Ray Patton (left, gray shirt) is making a film about the culture and community of African-American barbershops. Here, Patton and the film’s cameraman Derek Wright interview barber Dot Reid.

(Photo by Jay Paul)

RayPatton_JayPaul.jpgFilmmaker Raymond Patton (on the left with the gray shirt), a seated customer, and barber Dot Reid.

(Photo by Jay Paul)


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My Heaven Is My Happiness

“My Heaven Is My Happiness”

My heaven is my happiness.
A sacred place I’ve searched for all of my life.
A freedom I can’t really describe,
But a freedom I’m grateful to have.
My heart and shoulders feel light at times,
As if I’ve been reborn.
I can see the world with new eyes,
And experience what life has to offer with open arms.
And then heaven’s eyes stop watching over me.
Just as my heart feels light sometimes,
At times my heart feels heavy.
It weeps as it’s full of sorrow.
Just as my shoulders feel light at times,
Sometimes I feel that the load is too much to bear.
Sometimes I feel trapped.
I feel stuck.
Feels like my time could be up.
Feeling faint as more beautiful bodies lie cold in the dust.
My heaven is my happiness.
But when will I ever leave hell?
You tell me.
And tell me the truth.
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“You Give Me the Sweetest Taboo. That’s Why I’m in Love with You.” -Sade

“Love Overflowing”

Love overflowing.

Love everlasting.

A love embedded deep within my heart and soul.

Love in abundance to give.

A beautiful love that is all mine.

A love that will remain throughout time.

Through the ups and downs.

Through the good and the bad.

Unconditional love that I’m elated to have.

My heart has always been open,

To receive this special gift.

But it’s even more glorious

To give the gift of love.

I’ll cherish it always.

All the unconditional love.

All that you can offer.

All of you.

All of love.

Love overflowing.

Love everlasting.

Love, please keep knocking on my door

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Dreams and Aspirations

This post made my day. In the world that we live in, we must not let constant setbacks erase our dreams. These dreams will help push us forward. Thank you for posting this, Saki D. Mogano

I woke up feeling motivated. Motivated to let the past be, and just control the future. I woke up from a dream.

My aspirations direct my dreams, haunt my sleep, and leave my body feeling extremely tired. I dream a lot. I dream about a snow white blog with grey letters, a blog with interactive followers. I dream about a great career and a supporting wife. I dream about a life I could create for myself if I keep going, but still worry if keeping going is not suicidal, to my dreams.

I miss my unwary days; the childhood that got my mother asking herself if I will let go of the mischieviousness that drove my every day motives. I miss not worrying.


I am 28, I will be 29 on the 5th day of January 2015. I am an unemployed postgrad who will be registering his MA in Communication…

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Another Year and Sincere Thoughts

The time has come again to thank everyone who has visited my site this year. I appreciate the visits, the likes, and the comments. This year has been full of happiness and personal growth, but has also been full of heartache. As I’m writing this, I have a mother and a son in mind that were killed by police in Chicago in the early morning hours on December 26, 2015. Their names are Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier. Both had just celebrated Christmas with their loved ones. A time of joy ended with time for violence. The coming of a new year should be another year of opportunities and growth. But just what kind of opportunities will present themselves? And opportunities for whom? As time moves forward, so must we. To all, do what you can to continue to be the best that you can be in the new year and the years to come. I will do the same.

Samara M. Douglas

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